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The nuts and bolts...

Obviously we're really only in this game for the glamour and excitement, but the rich variety of projects we get involved in means testing our photographic skills on almost anything from hairdressers to printing machines, tractors, aircraft, teenagers, dogs, makeup, whatever comes through the door. Sticking to creative principles is the key; our task is to make your product look good, whatever that takes.

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The nuts and bolts...
Keep taking the tablets....

Keep taking the tablets....

Product photography in one form or another is the backbone of most promotional activity. Whether it’s a pack shot of some vitamin tablets or a moody shot of a sports car, the process is essentially the same. We’ve been photographing a lot of health and vitamin supplements lately and feel much better for it.

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Planning for the new season

As the weather begins to improve, the ‘drone flying’ season will soon be here. We have some substantial projects and plans for the spring and summer this year, so watch this space for (hopefully) some great photos and footage.

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The view from above

We’re trying out some new close up lenses on the drones over the next few months and results so far seem very interesting and will add an extra dimension to what’s been achievable from the air until now. We’ll be reporting on the results, so keep checking the posts.

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The view from above


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